Cape Palliser, Wairarapa, New Zealand (c) Julian Apse. FWT Magazine.

Wine and Travel Writing with Kurt Jacobson

by Jacqui Gibson


US wine and travel writer Kurt Jacobson counts New Zealand and Colorado among his favorite destinations. We catch up with Kurt to find out why and to get his picks of the top four wineries to visit this fall.
Bin 604 Baltimore

Bin 604 Baltimore: The Best Wine Shop

by Kurt Jacobson


Locals and visitors alike love to visit Bin 604 Wine Sellers. This special wine shop in downtown Baltimore is connected to the Foreman Wolfe Restaurant Group. This makes it easy to obtain a wine you had with your meal at Cinghiale, Charleston, or Bar Vasquez nearby. They also have excellent wine testing events every Thursday and hold wine classes occasionally for those wanting to up their wine game.
Swimming with the Fish in Charm City - FWT Magazine

Swimming with the Fish in Charm City

by Andrew T. Der


While air bubbles gently rippled past my ears from the scuba tank regulator, I exchanged glances with a curious eel. Wide-eyed children stared at me through the aquarium glass, reminding me I was still in the National Aquarium in Baltimore rather than the Caribbean. It’s not the Caribbean, but with its teeming sea life, the