Bin 604 Baltimore: The Best Wine Shop

The first time I walked into Bin 604 Baltimore it seemed special. The attention their staff lavished on me was meant to make sure I walked out with a wine that would fit the occasion. I was guided through wines from near and far, both reasonably priced and skip-the-mortgage-payment high priced. The “case of the month” stack caught my attention and I bought this $99 case special that took me on a treasure hunt of great grapes. I was hooked.

Now eight years have passed since my first visit. I’ve come to appreciate several aspects of this unique wine shop. Yes the service is still tops, and the “case of the month” still grabs my attention; what I like most about Bin 604 is they are linked to 3 of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore’s East Harbor area. By virtue of shared ownership (Foreman Wolf Restaurant Group) and excellent business practices, diners at their restaurants can easily buy a wine enjoyed at dinner from Bin 604.

Better than home delivery

At three Foreman Wolf restaurants, Cinghiale, Bar Vasquez, or Charleston, it’s possible to have your waiter call in an order for you. Then Bin 604 Baltimore will deliver the wine you enjoyed with dinner before you leave the restaurant! That’s great customer service. There have been times when I’m eating out at other restaurants and had a great wine I want to purchase. I’ll ask the waiter to write down the wine label information, or shoot a photo with my smart phone with the intention of buying the wine later. Well… later usually never comes as my busy daily routine gets in the way of buying a wine I know I’ll like. At the Foreman Wolf restaurants they make it easy to tackle that buying issue. Most, but not all of the wines served at Foreman Wolf restaurants are available at the Bin.

Bin 604 Baltimore also has several wine tasting events each month. These are typically on a Thursday evening and have themes like: Flights Of Fancy, Summertime Rosè, Champagne and Caviar, Pinot Noir, and more. The Thursday night tasting costs $10-15 for regular tastings and $30-45 for premier tastings. Usually all or part of the tasting price is deducted from wine purchases you make afterwards.

Bin 604 Baltimore
Photo: Rose special 6 pack (c) Kurt Jacobson. FWT Magazine.

If the wine tastings leave you with a thirst for more wine knowledge try attending a Bin 604 Baltimore Binology Wine Class. After 90 minutes attending this wine school you will come away a wiser wino. Private wine tasting and classes can be arranged also.

Check out the bargains

The Bin is not just for the wealthy wine enthusiasts. They feature a Bargain Bin where great wines can be had for under $12 per bottle. If you want the pricier stuff, look up. The higher you look on the shelves the more expensive the wine is. Beer and spirits are also available on a smaller scale than wine. For lucky locals Bin 604 delivers on orders of $50 or more and charges a mere $10 delivery fee within the Baltimore City limits. You can send a wine gift to family, friends, or business associates and not have to lift a finger.

Consider signing up for the Bin 604 Club where you get rewarded for your patronage. Accumulate points for each purchase and claim awards like: free bottle of wine, free tasting event, 4 pack of Riedel glasses, Foreman Wolf restaurant gift certificates, or with 40 points claim a free Case of the Month! It’s free and easy to join Bin 604 Club and the benefits are tasty.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough to bring you in, I’ll share a free parking tip. If you park in the garage above Bin 604 and duck into Whole Foods-right next door; buy a banana or whatever, Whole Foods will validate your parking for free! With parking in Baltimore expensive and challenging, this is the place to park and is good for two hours.  It’s best to avoid rush hour if possible and Bin 604 Baltimore makes it easy with Saturday and Sunday open-for-business hours.

The Bin 604 model is one other restaurant groups should consider copying. Food and wine are a match made in heaven. Why not make it easier for restaurant customers to buy wine they like?

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