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Become a FWT Magazine Contributor

by twlack
Become a FWT Magazine Contributor

The International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association publishes an online magazine, FWT Magazine.

Your IFWTWA profile must be up-to-date to become a contributor to FWT Magazine. A completed and up-to-date IFWTWA profile is defined by the Board of Directors to include the following details.

  1. A photograph of the member taken within the previous five years.
  2. A short biography.
  3. Links to the members blog or website if applicable.
  4. A minimum of four links to articles published within the past 12 months and/or links to the member’s blog that includes a minimum of two member-authored posts per month (500 word count minimum per post) for the past 12 months.
  5. Links to the member’s current email and social media handles.

To check your profile, go to this page — https://www.ifwtwa.org/our-members/ — find your name in the members list and click it.

Request to become a contributor

*Please note that only regular members of IFWTWA may submit content to the FWT Magazine Blog. We do not accept guest or outside posts.

Send an email to with “Request to become a contributor” in the subject line to chris@fwtmagazine.com. Please include the following details.

  1. Full Name (as you use in your byline).
  2. Email (you MUST use the email that is on record at IFWTWA).
  3. The URL of your IFWTWA profile.

Once you register, you will receive an email with your FWT Magazine login information.

Login to the FWT Magazine website by using the navigation link “Log In” at the top of the FWTMagazine.com homepage. This will take you to “Dashboard.”

Select “Users/Your Profile.” Complete all fields including “About Yourself/Biographical Info”. Your brief bio (50 words max, you can include the URL to your IFWTWA bio or your personal blog). Fill in your social media accounts, and include your Gravatar account email. FWT Magazine uses Gravatar to populate its profile photos, if you do not have a Gravatar account, sign up for one here. Be aware that the first sentence of your bio will be extracted for the contributors page at the front of the magazine.

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