Traveling the Belize Caribbean for Luxury: Victoria House and Chabil Mar Villas

by Susanna Starr


For many years Belize has been a favorite destination of mine with its mountains and forests, and archeological sites of the ancient Maya. But some of the country includes Caribbean islands, such as Ambergris Caye, while the area of Placencia, a peninsula at the extreme end of Belize, feels like an island. Not yet “touristy”,
Private wine tasting experience. FWT Magazine.

Combining the Best of Art and Wine in the Great Northwest

by Linda Kissam


Elevated standards of accommodation and dining will always show up on the luxury traveler’s itinerary, however today's luxury traveler seeks a broader depth of understanding and engagement to local culture than ever before, particularly those where art and wine combine.

Combine St. Regis and Kaua‛i for an Unforgettable Hawaiian Holiday

by Wayne Bayliff


Often referred to as Hawaii’s “Garden Island,” Kaua‛i is a lush tropical paradise of towering cloud-crested green summits. The island has 50 miles of sandy beaches perpetually polished by translucent waves. It was undoubtedly the perfect island for the legendary St. Regis brand to open one of their unparalleled luxury resorts. Behold the Majestic North
Swimming with the Fish in Charm City - FWT Magazine

Swimming with the Fish in Charm City

by Andrew T. Der


While air bubbles gently rippled past my ears from the scuba tank regulator, I exchanged glances with a curious eel. Wide-eyed children stared at me through the aquarium glass, reminding me I was still in the National Aquarium in Baltimore rather than the Caribbean. It’s not the Caribbean, but with its teeming sea life, the

The Charms of Cherryville, Oregon

by Michelle Winner


Once when renewing my permit to carry, the sheriff said, "I know where you live. Out there you got farmers and deliverance." I had to agree.
twin waterfalls

The Art of Exploring the Kimberley Gorges: Australian Small Luxury Cruising

by Graeme Kemlo


The cruise is billed as “Kings of the Kimberley Gorges - a photographic cruise” and we’re determined to see more than the primary colours, the Kodak moments when red dirt meets azure sea with scrubby green foliage to break up the rocky landscape.
Jules on his motorcycle

Peace Among The Grapes at Jules J. Berta Winery

by The Cooking Ladies


Author Phyllis Hinz, recounts her experience meeting the owner of Jules J Berta Winery in Albertville, Alabama