Blackhawk Museum

Blackhawk Museum: A Hidden Gem In Danville, CA

by Judy Karnia


Walking into the Blackhawk Museum, I tried to have an open mind. I love almost all museums so I was willing to enjoy whatever was on offer. The itinerary from the press tour operators listed it as a classic car museum. Not being a car buff, I figured I could feign some interest to be

What’s So Cool About Yuma Arizona?

by Hilarie Larson CSW FWS


Tucked into the southwest corner of Arizona, Yuma has often been looked upon as a small, hot, dusty little burg that’s home to an onslaught of ‘snow birds’ each winter. While it’s true that many retirees flock there, they are only a small part of the increasingly diverse visitors that come in search of old west history, world-class recreation and delectable cuisine.