From emailing ahead to find out pillow preferences to offering guided hikes, the Loden Hotel proves its dedication to guests’ individual comfort. Add in free bike rentals, yoga mats in every room, dog-friendly policies and you have a hotel that caters to active, affluent wellness-minded travelers.

Loden Hotel lobby, Vancouver, Canada. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Loden Hotel lobby (c) Teresa Bergen. FWT Magazine.


Set in the Coal Harbour neighborhood, the Loden is situated between the bustle of downtown and the quiet of Stanley Park, just a mile away. Walk five blocks and you hit the waterfront. Private marinas and boating clubs give the area a yacht club cachet. Step out of the Loden’s door and you’re in upscale, urban Vancouver, convenient to bars, restaurants and shops.

Entering the hotel

Modern décor and an emphasis on an active West Coast lifestyle characterize this boutique hotel. The exterior looks spacious and airy, with lots of windows. Step into the glam lobby and your eyes are drawn to light blue velvet sofas and a tall, marbled fireplace. You might feel underdressed compared to the stylish young staff, but they seem kind enough not to hold it against you.

Check-in can take a while if the staff are busy advising guests on restaurants and activities. They genuinely seem to care. One staff member was so concerned about my long wait during a sudden citywide cab shortage that she ran out and nabbed one for me, then gave me free taxi vouchers to pay for it. The gym is clean and well-equipped and the guided hiking or cycling option is a standout.


Loden Hotel Vancouver, Canada. FWT Magazine.

Photo: My room at the Loden Hotel (c) Teresa Bergen. FWT Magazine.

The 77-room Loden offers a lot of variety. Their signature rooms feature a movable wall that opens up the bathroom area to natural light. Garden Terrace rooms on the second floor have extra amenities like yoga props, herbal teas and a terrace opening onto the reflection pond. A special hypoallergenic floor caters to guests with environmental sensitivities. Big spenders can rent the enormous Halo Penthouse, which boasts panoramic views of the surrounding harbor and mountains and an enormous wrap-around rooftop terrace.

Laughing Buddha at Loden Hotel, Vancouver. FWT Magazine.

Photo: My room came with a laughing Buddha (c) Teresa Bergen. FWT Magazine.


The Tableau Bar and Bistro, modeled after a French bistro, features entrees like steak frites and roasted duck breast. The breakfast buffet is too pastry-heavy, but they make a good cappuccino. A popular afternoon happy hour offers half-price food. The hotel enquires about food preferences ahead of time, then welcomes guests with specially selected in-room treats such as a small tray of raw vegan chocolates.

Welcome snack at Loden Hotel. FWT Magazine.

Photo: The staff brought me vegan raw chocolates as a welcome snack (c) Teresa Bergen. FWT Magazine.

Loden Hotel chocolates. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Loden Hotel chocolates (c) Teresa Bergen. FWT Magazine.

The Loden is an all-around success and a perfect home while visiting Vancouver, British Columbia.

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