Five Must Try Restaurants in the Quad Cities

When I arrived in the Quad Cities, I was a typical first-time visitor. I had ideas in my head about what the region, located on the border of Iowa and Illinois, would be like. I figured the cuisine would be good but probably heavy on meat and potatoes (and especially corn). Although that kind of

Entrance to El Mirasol and Los Arboles Hotel

A Weekend Itinerary for Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of the most diverse destinations in California. On one hand, you’ve got the Coachella crew flocking for the pool parties and brunching. On the other, you’ll encounter those who want to drink where the Rat Pack drank and sleep where Marilyn Monroe did. If you fall somewhere in-between, they’ve got that

Five Reasons to Visit California’s Paso Robles

Looking to explore California’s Central Coast? Having lived in the area for much of my childhood, I thought I knew all there was to know about Paso Robles. A shining star in San Luis Obispo County, it is a pleasant surprise to discover how much the city has grown on a recent road trip. On

Summer Drinks Featured Image

Drinks for the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Ready to beat the heat with a cold beverage by the pool or on the patio? As temperatures climb into the 90s or even triple digits in some parts of the country, we asked IFWTWA (International Food, Wine, Travel Writers Assn.) members to contribute a summer drink recipe they’ve enjoyed during the lazy, hazy, crazy

El Catillo Treehouse at the Mohicans Treehouse Resort

Adventures at Ohio’s Mohicans Treehouse Resort

As a child, I found nothing was more exhilarating than climbing into a treehouse. While I didn’t have one, you can bet that each year I’d ask Santa Claus for one of my very own. Fast forward to my adult years, and you could say my childhood wish did rather come true when I stayed

13 Unique Places to Visit in 2020

This year is going to be anything but boring. Tokyo is going to host the Summer Olympics, while Sapporo will hold its Snow Festival. Jamaica will be celebrating the late Bob Marley’s 75th birthday, and Dublin will commemorate the life of writer James Joyce during Bloomsday. Of course, there are lesser-known events, too. Glouster, UK,

Arriving at Glen Ivy

Twilight Season is Here at California’s Glen Ivy Spa

Summertime has descended onto Southern California, and that means plenty of sunshine and lighter evenings. While everyone flocks to the beach, escape the city and head out to Riverside’s County Glen Ivy Spa to rejuvenate and immerse yourself in one of the day resort’s newest body treatments, Shirodhara, and enjoy their twilight hours all season