“Say Cheese!” Boarderie sets new Guinness World Record in Palm Beach

On October 4th, all eyes and camera lenses focused on Boarderie. This Palm Beach-based company set out to break the Guinness World Records® for the Largest Charcuterie Board. The colossal board spanned 20 feet by 14 feet and weighed 769 pounds. It featured artisan cheeses, cured meats, crackers, nuts, and dried fruits.

The meticulous arrangement of each segment made it hard to believe this display was real. I was surrounded by elegantly dressed guests at the sunset soiree, hosted in a ballroom adjacent to the poolside terrace at the iconic Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. This luxury hotel was named one of the most Instagrammable destinations by Travel + Leisure. It stands steps away from Worth Avenue on one side and the Palm Beach Clock Tower on the other.

TV cameras and people watching Boarderie largest charcuturie board in the world.
The press and guests overlooking the largest charcuterie board in the world crafted by Boarderie. | © Lisa Morales

Champagne Time!

Although we couldn’t indulge in the candidate charcuterie board, we feasted on two extensive charcuterie areas made for guests. White-gloved hands, clutching crystal glasses of Champagne, appeared through a lush green wall, offering us a glass of bubbly. In no time, a brimming glass mysteriously materialized through the green wall, awaiting the next thirsty guest.

White gloved hand holding crystal glass of Champagne
The Champagne wall offered bottomless bubbly to Boarderie’s guests. | © Lisa Morales
man's hand taking appetizer from charcuterie board
Boarderie guests feasted on charcuterie samples crafted by Boarderie and event sponsors. | © Lisa Morales

Say Cheese!

Influencers, TV crews, and photographers were everywhere, and Boarderie meticulously crafted the perfect Instagrammable setting. Two stages were erected alongside the gigantic charcuterie board. There we could take a selfie with the board and the Boarderie name on the green wall, in the background.

people take photos on selfie stage overlooking large charcuterie board
Influencers, journalists, and guests take selfies on the Boarderie event selfie stage. | © Lisa Morales

About Boarderie

Boarderie is a founder and family-led venture, driven by its founders Aaron and Julie Menitoff. Partners in both work and life, their journey in hospitality began over two decades ago.  Together they co-ran a gourmet catering company in Palm Beach.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, necessitating a pivot to keep their business afloat, they joined forces with Rachel Solomon and Angel Jerez. These four visionaries, each a co-founder and co-CEO, established Boarderie in 2021. Boarderie now proudly stands as the world’s first company to overnight ship pre-arranged artisan cheese and charcuterie boards nationwide.

Boarderie founders hold Guinness World Records Certificate.
(L-R) Boarderie co-founders hold the Guinness World Records®. Angel Jerez, Julie Menitoff, Aaron Menitoff, and Rachel Solomon. | © Lisa Morales

National Recognition

You’re familiar with Shark Tank and Oprah, right? Aaron and Rachel pitched their business plan on ABC’s Shark Tank and ultimately accepted Lori Greiner’s offer of $300,000 for 9% equity, having turned down other “Shark” offers. Lori Greiner, entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor, also made a special virtual appearance to congratulate her mentees at Boarderie on their remarkable success.

People take photos of Lori Greiner pictured on screen at Boarderie event.
Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner makes a virtual appearance at the Boarderie celebration. | © Lisa Morales

Boarderie also earned a coveted spot on Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” List in 2022.

It Takes a Team

The creation of the Largest Charcuterie Board in the world required a substantial team of individuals and generous sponsors. Columbus Craft Meats, Yupik, Celebrity Goat, Divina, The Palm Beaches, The Vineyard House, Rustic Bakery, Dufeck Wood Products, and Atlas Event Rental all played a vital role. The food items from the board were generously donated to The Lord’s Place, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness for the most vulnerable and neglected individuals in Palm Beach County.

charcuterie display with wine
The Palm Beaches among other companies sponsor the Boarderie event. | © Lisa Morales
group of people with Boarderie green wall background
Proceeds from the Boarderie auction event benefit the Lord’s Place that assists homeless people in Palm Beach, FL. | © Lisa Morales

‘Tis the Season

I must confess that prior to the event, Boarderie was not on my radar. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably watched DIY tutorials on creating a charcuterie board. And, if you’re also like me, you’ve likely run out of time and patience before even slicing a single block of cheese!

Whether you’re planning an event for your home or office, or in search of a distinctive gift, Boarderie offers a multitude of options. To learn more, visit Boarderie.com.

Many thanks to the Boarderie team for hosting me!

woman holding glass of Champagne with Boarderie green wall in the background
Lisa Morales, Food, Wine Travel Magazine contributor. | Courtesy Photo

Lisa Morales

Based in South Florida, Lisa Morales is a marketing and publication relations director by day and by night: writer and editor-in-chief for Live in Italy Magazine. She holds an Honors B.A. in Cinema Studies and English Literature from the University of Toronto, and a certificate in Business Administration and Radio and Television Arts, from Ryerson University. Lisa is WSET 2 certified with distinction, loves to cook, and take photos. Follow @AllegoryPR #MyArtEscape.