It’s that time of year when my husband tries to decide what I need for the holidays, and for some reason, he makes gift-buying for me a lot harder than it has to be. Since I like to buy my own clothes, am picky about the books, and don’t want knick-knacks, I tell him to get me gifts that complement my profession and passion as a travel writer—a million frequent flyer miles or a Vespa top my list.

He isn’t on board with either of those gifts, so I asked fellow travel writers what gifts they would like to receive for the holidays. Hopefully, their answers will give him—and you, should you have a traveler on your gift list—some good ideas. Not only will these presents make your favorite traveler happy, they’ll also make their journeys more comfortable, bearable, and enjoyable.

A Trip to the South Pacific

Tahitian sunset © Debbra Dunning Brouillette

Ever since my husband and I returned from our 10-day Windstar Tahiti and Tuamotus cruise last December, I’ve been dreaming of going back to French Polynesia. The perfect Christmas gift for me would be a return trip to the South Pacific. I’d be quite content to repeat the Windstar cruise and perhaps spend several days pre- and post-cruise in Moorea and Bora Bora. If Santa were feeling really generous, he could top it off with an extra week in Fakarava or Rangiroa, two atolls in the Tuamotus, where I could scuba dive and snorkel in crystalline waters teeming with sea life. Maybe reading about our cruise will have you dreaming about Tahiti and the Tuamotus, too. Start here, and you’ll be able to read all nine blog posts on my Tropical Travel Girl website.

Debbra Dunning Brouillette    Tropical Travel Girl

Leica D-Lux 7 Digital Camera

All I want for Christmas is a new, chic, hi-end travel camera that takes awesome photos of everything from food to scenery. I’m a member of our local camera club, and another member has been using his Leica exclusively instead of a DSLR and has produced several award-winning photos. While the camera is a little rich for my budget, maybe Santa can afford to get it for me.  If you want to explore buying your favorite travel writer the Leica D-Lux, click here.

Sandra Chambers    Southern Traveller

Fisher Space Pen

The 50th Anniversary Fisher Space Pen © Fisher Space Pen

I wouldn’t say no to a free plane ticket as a gift, but for a more affordable option, I prefer gifts that are practical. We all get free pens as swag at various tourism events, but my favourite pen is the Fisher Space Pen because it writes upside down, underwater, in extreme heat, and in freezing cold temperatures making it perfect to take with you on any travel assignment anywhere in the world. Discover what makes the Fisher Space Pen so great by clicking here.

Mary Chong     Calculated Traveller


Gin-Gins Ginger Spice Drops © Mary Ann DeSantis

I always try to pack ginger-flavored candies as a soothing treat for motion sickness and overindulgence. On a recent trip, I ran out of my usual drops, so I popped into a health-food shop in a very small town where I found Gin-Gins, ginger-spice drops that are gluten-free, fat-free and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. The clerk tried to sell me more than one bag, but I was skeptical as to whether I would like them. That was a mistake. They are delicious, and I’m down to my last three nuggets. I can’t find them locally so, Santa, please deliver a case of Gin-Gins before my next road trip.  To learn more about Gin-Gins and find a store that carries them, click here.

Mary Ann DeSantis     Mary Ann DeSantis

Lily Trotters Compression Socks

Lily Trotters compression socks © Courtesy Lily Trotters

Compression socks help avoid cramps and clots while traveling on long flights or sitting or when standing for too long. They can also provide extra energy on active days and make a trip more enjoyable. Compression socks can be a stylish gift, too. Colorful Lily Trotters designer athletic compression stockings and sleeves are on my Christmas list. Thin, comfortable, and stylish, they offer 15-20 mmHg medical compression and are made in the USA. They come with a colorful story, too. Lily Trotters are named for a bird the founder saw on a trip to Africa. Females use their strong legs to hop over lily pads and walk on floating vegetation while the mates they select stay home to raise the young. Prices range from about $20 to $50. You can find Lily Trotters on Amazon or by visiting their website.

Linda Fasteson    Notable Travels

Zoppen Multi-purpose, RFID-Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

I would like to find a chic Zoppen passport wallet in my stocking this holiday season. Staying organized is key for me when I travel, and I like to keep my travel documents all in one place. This tri-fold, RFID wallet has enough slots for my passport, boarding pass, credit cards, ID, sim card and cell phone. Plus, there is a zippered pocket for money & coins, and it would tuck neatly into my carry-on.

Dana Freeman    Dana Freeman Travels

Rimowa Luggage

My days of backpacking are over. I love good luggage that is secure, travels nicely even when being pulled along cobbled streets, and lasts for years. Somehow I always want more—check-in size or carry-on size. I’m not fussy.  Check out Rimowa Luggage here.

Robyn Nowell   Robyn’s Seasonal Kitchen

American Express Business Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum Business Card

For the holidays, I would like an American Express Business Platinum Card. Beyond the bonus point offer, the card would give me a $200 airline fee credit, access to a lot of airport lounges, travel accident insurance, and baggage insurance. These are all very useful tools for a frequent traveler, and if Santa doesn’t surprise me with it, I’m going to have to sell some articles to make up the annual cost ($450). For more information on this card, click here.

Darren Paltrowitz    Darren Paltrowitz

An African Safari

Giraffe on a savanna near Mount Kilimanjaro © Susan Bauer (

My husband and I dream of going on an African Safari. We want to get up close to experience elephants, lions, tigers, and other majestic animals in the wild before they disappear. It’s definitely at the top of our bucket-list. For more information on African safaris and a list of US News & World Report’s top safaris, click here.

Gwen Pratesi.    Pratesi Living

Telephoto Lens for iPhone

For Christmas this year, I would love a high quality telephoto lens for my iPhone. I am starting to get tired, literally and figuratively, of carrying and changing to the heavy telephoto lens for my DSLR camera. My phone takes great pictures, but a telephoto lens like this one from Shopmoment would be awesome. Hope Santa hears me.

Lori Sweet    Voyage Writers

Airline Gift Card

Air France approaching © Kathleen Walls

If Santa really wants to make me happy this Christmas, all it would take is a tiny gift card for a very large amount of air travel that I can use whenever I want. I’m thinking Ireland, Scotland, and England; here I come.

Kathleen Walls    American Roads

Infinity Travel Scarf

Travelers value multi-purpose products that occupy little or no space, and I’ve found a must-have for savvy wanderers who have good style sense. Stylish infinity scarves with a hidden zippered pocket are the perfect solution to keeping warm while protecting my passport, credit cards, and cash from pickpockets. There are a number of brands of infinity scarves on the market, and they vary in fabric, pattern, and price.  Some of the most affordable are available through Amazon.

Priscilla Willis   She’s Cooking