There’s something magical about water, perhaps it’s the reflection of the soul and the water’s calming effects that draw people to its banks. This November, come celebrate the water with a unique 10-day festival along the Arizona Canal in the Scottsdale desert.

Called Canal Convergence, this wondrous festival blends water, art and light to create an artistic and magnetic celebration. The annual Convergence, which launched in 2012, is located right on the waterfront in conjunction with a dynamic collaboration of art, music and food. Here, international as well as local artists explore the use of innovative materials, techniques and processes to initiate interaction and artistic camaraderie.

What the Canal Convergence does best is bring the community together and demonstrate their commitment to the arts with events like musical performances, artist talks, hands-on workshops and public art bike rides. The focal point of the November celebration will be a public art installation entitled, ARIZONA!, designed by award-winning Boston architects Choi + Shine, who are creating an eight-foot-tall, 650-foot-long hand-crocheted lace ribbon. According to the designers, ARIZONA! is an abstraction of the wind and waters of Arizona as it moves through time and space.  

Canal Convergence, Arizona. FWT Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Canal Convergence, Arizona.

A call out to the community for experienced artisans who love to crochet served as the cornerstone of the project as hundreds of volunteers stepped forward. Together, they will help crochet the banner that will elegantly meander over the canal. Local cuisine is the secondary star of the show with a food, wine and beer garden near the Solari Bridge and Plaza, along with rotating food trucks. Come by the Barter Boat where you can bring something to trade and come away with a new treasure. Buy a t-shirt or bag or silk-screen your own stuff. Watch a dance performance. Learn something new. It’s all in the name of art.

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Canal Convergence is sponsored by Scottsdale Public Art and admission is free. To learn more, check out Experience Scottsdale.

Photo courtesy of Canal Convergence. Arizona. FWT Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Canal Convergence, Arizona.