Food and wine enthusiasts are now more than ever seeking out adventurous new ways to satisfy their gastronomy and enology desires. Step aside beachside dinners and private villa soirées and say hello to a dinner like no other. A feast that literally places you closer to the stars than ever before.

Dinner in the Sky at Casa Velas

Thanks to the luxurious hotel, Casa Velas, and their Dinner in the Sky, guests were hoisted 150 feet in the sky to experience an extravagant feast.

Situated in picturesque Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, the Casa Velas hotel is all about redefining luxury indulgence and offered guests an experience like no other. It is no surprise that patrons were in awe of the sensory splendours that were provided.

Hailed as ‘one of the world’s most exhilarating dining experiences’, guests were mesmerized as they had the perfect vantage point of viewing the striking Banderas Bay and Sierra Madre Mountains.

Casa Velas, a AAA Four Diamond luxury adults-only all-inclusive boutique hotel had outdone themselves by executing this exclusive culinary adventure by inviting top chefs in Mexico to create memorable dishes.

During my Dinner in the Sky adventure, I was fortunate to have been spoiled with dishes created by the accomplished, award-winning guest chef, Chef Massimo Fongaro.

Chef Massimo Fongaro laid out the red carpet treatment as his guests were treated like royalty the moment we were secured in our seats. Safety first! After a ceremonial shot of Tequila & Mescal (to calm our adrenaline filled nerves), we slowly ascended into the air, blending with the stunning backdrop that the Sierra Mountains offer.

Dinner in the Sky was a feast for all senses. The sights and aromas accompanied by the perfect execution of the dishes’ flavours were comparable to that found in a fine dining establishment. Guests lavishly indulged, and in some cases overindulged, on Chef Fongaro’s rich lobster lasagna and his generous melt-in-your-mouth beef filet that had freshly shaved truffles draping over the exquisite dish. There was no end for the truffles…to the delight of the guests.

And if that wasn’t enough to seduce us into food glory, fireworks lit up the sky as we were having dessert, a tropical Tiramisu that was filled with strawberry and passion fruit, very apropos to the paradise-like ambiance we were all enthralled by.

Casa Velas succeeded with its avant-garde approach to providing guests with a new culinary adventure.

When it comes to food and travel, it’s always enjoyable to seek out new and adventurous ways to enjoy your passions. Like my motto says, my love of food has no bounds.

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