Has the countdown to the silly season got you in a flap? Need a bit of gift inspiration for the traveler in your life? Look no further. Here are four last-minute gift ideas from seasoned travelers who certainly know how to stuff a stocking. They’ve done the thinking, they’ve done the testing. Here’s the verdict.

1. BESIDE-U travel bags

Best gift idea for travelers? That’s easy. I love BESIDE-U travel bags with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking. RFID blocking protects your sensitive credit card information. BESIDE-U travel bags are ideal for airports and for travel bloggers or any traveler really. I’ve taken mine to easily six countries by now. They are super light and reliable. But for the full run-down on why they’re my new favorite travel product, check out my online review.

Paula Schuck, US blogger for www.thriftymommastips.com

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers. FWT Magazine.

Paula Schuck with her BESIDE-U travel bag © Paula Schuck.

2. BURST toothbrush

My gift idea is BURST. A toothbrush, you ask? Yes. What better way to show someone that you care about them than by giving them a top-of-the-line toothbrush? If the science is to be believed, BURST gives out 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, which is faster than any other toothbrush on the market. Its bristles are coated in Japanese binchotan charcoal. It charges on a USB port. A one-hour charge is supposed to last for up to four weeks. It’s priced at $69.99 if you buy it directly, or discounted at $39.99 if bought from a dental professional. That price includes the toothbrush, the USB charger and one replacement toothbrush head. If you opt into the subscription plan — which, I believe, is $6.00 plus shipping and handling — a new toothbrush head will come to you in the mail every three months.

Darren Paltrowitz, New York food, arts and entertainment writer.

3. Travelon Travel Scarf

The Travel Scarf by Travelon is a super gift item for the female traveler because it packs well, is easy care and offers multiple purposes. It’s a scarf or a shawl that can be tied numerous ways, and due to its large size of 60×64 inches, it’s also useful as a blanket on the plane. The best feature of all is the hidden RFID zippered pocket that’s sized to hold your passport and credit cards. It comes in two colours – raspberry and grey. For a more detailed look at the Travelon Travel Scarf, check out my online review.

Mary Chong, Canadian travel blogger for www.calculatedtraveller.com

Christmas Gifts for Travelers. FWT Magazine.

Mary Chong with her Travelon Travel Scarf and a new friend in Wadi Rum, Jordan © Mary Chong.

4. Donation to good cause

Best gift idea? Definitely a donation to a worthy cause like Habitat for Humanity on behalf of a loved-one or friend. My family recently started a new holiday tradition where instead of giving gifts to one another, we make donations to our favorite charities. As a traveler, I find it’s great to explore the world, then to come home with renewed perspective and sense of gratitude. That’s why I now embrace donating to good causes during the holiday season. It’s a tradition that’s inspiring and that warms everyone’s heart.

Joy Steinberg, US travel blogger for www.givejoy.me

(Holiday season donating is great – but did you know you can also volunteer your time to a good cause? Check out my blog post on an experience I had in Honduras in 2015)

Christmas Gifts for Travelers. FWT Magazine.

Joy Steinberg’s gift idea – donation to charity (c) Joy Steinberg.