US wine and travel writer Kurt Jacobson loves to write about the places he knows well, counting New Zealand and Colorado among his favorite destinations. We catch up with Kurt to find out why these two destinations rate so highly with him and to get his picks of the top wineries to visit this fall.

Q: What are some of the best places you’ve written about?

New Zealand and Colorado, definitely. I lived and worked in Colorado for almost 40 years and still love to find new hot spots to share. I’ve been to New Zealand nine times and used to own a rental house there. What an amazing country to dive into and come up wanting more food, wine, conversation with locals and road trips.

Photo: Ata Rangi, Wairarapa wine region. New Zealand (c) Kurt Jacobson. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Ata Rangi, in Wairarapa wine country. New Zealand (c) Kurt Jacobson.

Q: What makes your perspective on travel unique?

I have a unique perspective coming from previous careers of professional chef, aircraft mechanic, real estate agent and real estate investor. I feel I can connect with people of all walks of life. I look for things that I want to do and if I like those restaurants, hotels, attractions and art I share those things with my readers. I collect hand written notes and gobs of photos. And maybe an occasional bottle of wine!

Q: You’re a former chef. Does it make you a better writer?

Being a former professional cook or chef, I know much of what goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant. From this background I can usually tell how well run a restaurant is. I try to write about only the restaurants I think are outstanding. I leave the complaints up to the food critics.

Q: You write a lot about Baltimore, Maryland. Why?

I love writing about Baltimore because I’m not from here. I decided to give it a try when my wife was offered a good job. If Baltimore could impress me with all its great attributes, I knew I could convince others to add this historic city to their travel plans.

Creste Butte, Colorado (c) Kurt Jacobson. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Creste Butte, Colorado (c) Kurt Jacobson.

Q: Where are you traveling next?

Next on my travel list is Alaska. I used to live there and have gone back for all but one of the last 21 summers. Usually I decide on where to travel by finding food, wine, and adventure subjects that haven’t been covered extensively.

Kurt’s top wine destinations:

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Photo: Me (right) and Clive Paton of Ata Rangi winery in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand (c) Kurt Jacobson. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Me (right) and Clive Paton of Ata Rangi winery in the Wairarapa wine region of New Zealand (c) Kurt Jacobson.