Travelers on the move looking for clothes that don’t hold them back from a new adventure need look no further than clothing made from merino wool. It’s an ideal fabric for any travel activity since the elastic quality of the knit provides plenty of stretch, making it very comfortable to wear in any season.

Key Features of Natural Merino Wool Clothing

  • Breathable, antibacterial, odor- and stain-resistant
  • Anti-wrinkle, machine washable (easy care) and lightweight
  • Biodegradable, renewable and sustainable
  • Fire-safe

Auckland, New Zealand-based clothing company Icebreaker Merino uses wool from the merino sheep raised in the Southern Alps of the South Island. Known to have the finest and softest wool of any sheep, merinos are bred for their ability to survive harsh, cold winters and yet stay cool in the hot summer heat. Temperatures fluctuate between 35ºC (+95ºF) in summer to –20ºC (–4ºF) in winter!

Icebreaker Merino - Comfortable Cosy Cool Merino Wool

Icebreaker Women’s Ellipse Vest, © 2016 Icebreaker, Photographer: Forest Woodward. All rights reserved. FWT Magazine.

Icebreaker Merino designs and manufactures everything for the traveler from socks, underwear and base layers to accessories and outerwear. All clothing, whether made of knit or woven merino wool, are differentiated by their level of warmth based on the weight of the fabric.

120-135 grams/meter2 = Featherweight – best for warm to hot conditions
150-170 grams/meter2 = Ultra light – versatile for all seasons
200-220 grams/meter2 = Lightweight
230-280 grams/meter2 = Midweight
320-380 grams/meter2 = Heavyweight – for outerwear

Gear Review: Icebreaker Merino - Comfortable Cosy Cool Merino Wool

Icebreaker Men’s Ellipse Long-sleeved, Half-zip Hood, © 2016 Icebreaker, Photographer: Forest Woodward. All rights reserved. FWT Magazine.

Icebreaker Merino manufactures a full line of clothing for men, women and children. Easy to care for, easy to pack, durable and comfortable, these clothes are an excellent travel companion, whether you’re sailing the Caribbean on a cruise or hiking the Andes of Peru.

Icebreaker Merino clothing is sold in retail stores worldwide or online.