Wondering how to survive that long-haul flight to Asia or Australasia? Long-haul travel can take it’s toll – there’s the dehydration, staying still for long periods of time and trying to sleep while the cabin’s a riot of noise.

FWT Magazine asked 14 travel writers for their best long-haul travel tips to make your next long-haul flight a “doddle.” Here’s what they told us.

  1. My top two long-haul travel tips are noise-cancelling headphones and a cozy scarf that doubles as a blanket. I listen to music or on longer flights watch a movie with my noise-cancelling headphones. I find that the over the ear, noise-cancelling headphones are the most comfortable. Earbuds hurt from the cabin pressure. Unless you are flying business or first class, you will find there are no blankets found on airplanes anymore. So I like to use a wide scarf to wrap around my neck and shoulders to keep warm. | Dana Howard Freeman, U.S. travel blogger for DanaHFreeman.com
  2. I use the Airsleep app. It’s a combo of ambient music with scientifically developed brainwave technology that makes you sleep like a baby! I slept 10 hours straight on cross-Pacific flight (You’re welcome fellow travelers!). But, note, there’s no Android version. | Beth Helms Graham, U.S. travel blogger for MomUncorked.com
  3. I don’t travel long-haul without my eye mask and earplugs, so that I can get some sleep. | Mary Chong, Canadian travel blogger for CalculatedTraveller.com
  4. I love the Bucky Travel Pillow. It’s filled with natural buckwheat hulls. The outside of the pillow is velour and quite soft and snuggly. The pillow can be microwaved. It comes with its own travel bag and is easy to attach to my backpack or luggage for traveling. Because it’s machine washable, I’ve had mine since 2006. | Penny A. Weiss, U.S. wine and food blogger for TheWineKnitter.com
  5. My tips? Take hydrating mist toner to spray on your face and neck to keep you feeling refreshed. There are plenty of non-aerosol hydrating mists, often with rose water added. Sephora, for example, sells travel size sprays. | Veronica Matheson, Australian travel and cruise writer for AustralianCruisingNews.com
  6. Tylenol PM and tons of water help with jet lag. | Lisa Deutsch, U.S. travel blogger for EssentialWanderings.com
  7. Traveling long-haul? Then definitely take a travel pillow and eye mask to sleep well (I also take knitting to pass the time). | Deidre Michalski, U.S. travel and food blogger for TastesAndTravel.com
  8. Take a paperback book. Pack something you can become completely immersed in like a Dan Brown tome. I also pack mints, a little chocolate and hand sanitizer. Oh, and lip balm. | Amy Trotter, U.S. travel writer and editor for WorldGuide.eu
  9. You can’t beat an inflatable neck pillow for long-haul travel. For sleeping, it’s perfect. On really long flights it does double-duty by being a butt pillow. I doubt that’s what most people think of when considering buying an inflatable pillow, but it works for me on flights where I fly in the coach class seats. | Kurt Jacobson, U.S. travel blogger for TasteOfTravel2.com
  10. I never leave home without my nasal spray… I get seriously dehydrated and my sinuses suffer. This helps even on short haul. And I would never step on any flight without earplanes. They save my ears! | Rossana Wyatt, U.S. travel blogger for LifeIsFullOfAdventures.com
  11. I have a pashmina I take on every flight. I use it as a neck scarf, blanket and shawl and I’ve even used it as a head scarf. My other top tips for long-haul flying: take noise-cancelling headphones and an e-reader to load up on good reads without having to carry them around with you. | Julie Kullman Cohn, U.S. travel blogger for ACorkFork&Passport.com
  12. My long-haul travel tips? I take a bottle of water, protein bars, noise-cancelling headphones, a sweater, comfy socks and my Macbook Pro – 47 countries last year and this worked for me. | Cacinda Maloney, U.S. travel blogger for PointsAndTravel.com
  13. Earbuds, snacks, a book, notebook and my cosy hoodie. These are my top tips. My go-to favorite snacks are thinkThin bars, chocolate-covered almonds and an apple or two. I usually end up enjoying what’s given to me on the flight, but my go-to snacks are always in my purse for a long-haul flight. The thinkThin bar has a great carb-protein ratio for me. The almonds are fatty (but a good fat) and seem like a better choice than candy. Apples just keep me feeling filled between meals. | Mary Lansing, U.S. blogger for AlongComesMaryBlog.com
  14. Fitbit – it’s all too easy to throw the fitness plan out the window on a long-haul flight, that’s why I take my Fitbit. It keeps me on track and more likely to actually go for that 20-minute run when I arrive at my destination. Jacqui Gibson, New Zealand blog director for FWTMagazine.com

14 Best Long-Haul Travel Tips

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