For over a thousand years the Tiwa people of Taos, New Mexico have lived in the same adobe apartment dwelling on the edge of the Taos Valley, at the foot of their sacred Mountain.

During those centuries they have developed a very specific cuisine using the food they grew and hunted locally.

About 400 years ago the Spanish arrived along with many immigrant/settlers including Castilians, North Africans, and people from southern Spain — Arabs, Jews, Gypsies and others. All brought along with them their own food styles. Others came up from Mexico introducing the Mesoamerican ingredient into the blend.

Later on, the United States won the territory in the Mexican American war introducing the European hybrid cuisine that developed in the US., along with Texan, Cajun, and the whole mix is called American food.

Taos, New Mexico has a very long history with a much varied cuisine. In this small community there at least 50 restaurants, ranging from Mexican, Spanish, New Mexican, Italian, German, to Asian and Thai, to mention a few.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this small village has more artists, craft persons, authors, and other creatives per capita than any other place I know of. And, as would be expected, more accomplished chefs to create all the wonderful, varied cuisine you will experience here.

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Taos, New Mexico

A Sampling of Taos Restaurants
El Gamal
Common Fire
The Love Apple
El Meze
Tiwa Kitchen Restaurant
The Baverian Lodge & Restaurant
The Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery