Instagram, despite its name, is no longer a social media platform that captures life ‘in the moment’. Photos are edited, carefully curated and planned. The best Instagram accounts schedule their posts in advance.

Here’s how you can up your Instagram game with these 10 time-saving Instagram scheduling tools.

Instagram scheduling is easy (c) Instagram. FWT Magazine.

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Buffer account allows you to schedule up to 10 posts at a time for free. Buffer doesn’t publish directly to Instagram. Instead you’ll receive a notification on your phone reminding you to post.

Log into your Instagram app, open the post, add your caption and hashtags and share to your followers.


Schedule up to 30 Instagram posts per month for free with Later via your phone, tablet or computer.  As with Buffer, Later sends you a reminder notification to publish on Instagram.


With a free Planoly account, you can post 30 photos a month, review a month’s worth of analytics and respond to comments on your last five photos. Planoly’s unique grid feature lets you drag and drop your pictures to get the perfect look for your Instagram feed. Publish reminder notifications are sent to your phone.


Plan your Instagram photos for a week, month or a year or more in advance with a free Hootsuite account. There’s no limit to how many posts you can schedule and basic analytics to track follower growth are included. Like Buffer and Later, you have to log into your Instagram app to publish your photo.


Viraltag allows unlimited scheduling, captioning, photo editing and provides analytics on followers, best times to post and which hashtags to use. But all that goodness starts at $24 per month and Viraltag doesn’t publish directly to Instagram.

Interested? Start a 14-day free trial.


Schedule, add captions, first comment and post directly to Instagram from your computer with Grum. Plans start at $9.95 per month for up to two Instagram accounts.


If you’re working with a team, Onlypult allows 10 users to share an account, schedule and post photos directly to Instagram. Plans start at $12 per month for up to three Instagram accounts.

Try it free for seven days.


Mass Planner lets you schedule captions, comments, post directly to Instagram, find other accounts to follow, show your unfollowers and more on an unlimited number of Instagram accounts from $16.95 per month. Mass Planner is a Windows-based program so OS (Mac) users need to use a virtual private server to run the program.

Start a five-day free trial.


Autogrammer is another Instagram scheduler that posts directly to Instagram. For $19 per month you get unlimited posts for one Instagram account.

Try it free for seven days.

Another Instagram scheduling tool for teams with unlimited posting directly to Instagram is Schedugram. Plans start at $20 per month for up to 10k followers per Instagram account.

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The world is a visual place. Start using one of these 10 time-saving Instagram scheduling tools to share your photos on Instagram.

Instagram app icon (c) Instagram. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Instagram app icon (c) Instagram. FWT Magazine.