Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach), is a lovely escape that is just a boat ride away from Cabo San Lucas’ main beach, Playa Médano. We visited Cabo San Lucas in January, when the welcoming warm climate produces sunshine with an average high of 75-80°during the day.

We took the two-hour plane ride from Orange County, California and were surprised at how quickly we were at the base of Baja. We decided to visit the intriguing beach based on the recommendation of our hotel. The view of Playa Médanos’ exquisite beauty while you pull away from the coast is worth the boat ride alone.

Hotels on Playa Medano en route to Playa del Amor.

Photo: View of Playa Medano Cabo, San Lucas, en route to Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach). FWT Magazine.

We took a glass-bottomed boat, which gave us a peek at the abundant sea life in the area. The waters are so beautifully clear that it didn’t take long to see schools of fish that decided to accompany us on our trip.

Sea life is visible from the glass bottom boat. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Sea life is visible from the glass-bottomed boat en route to Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach). FWT Magazine.

When we arrived at Playa del Amor, we hiked for a few minutes from the landing area to the beach, where the sand was powdery soft, and the views were stunning. We quickly noticed that unlike the main beach, there were no street vendors, food sales, or facilities. It was late afternoon, and there weren’t a lot of other people at the beach. Still, while the name may suggest privacy and intimacy, there were a few other tourists there, who seemed to be longing for the same escape we desired.

The magnificent rock formations greeted us, and the caves beckoned us to explore their depths. Some of the rocks appeared to be sleeping giants or fantasy animals with their distinct colors and textures.

Majestic rock formations offer a historic presence at Lover's Beach.

Photo: Majestic rock formations offer a historic presence at Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach). FWT Magazine.

We relaxed on the beach, explored the mini-caves and peaceful coves, and enjoyed the view of Cabo San Lucas. The calming beauty of nature and the somewhat isolated location offered us a wonderful and soulful gift.

Wave runners. FWT Magazine.

Photo: Wave runners. FWT Magazine.

Some of our friends enjoyed snorkeling right off of the beach. We noticed that wave runners also offered a way to see the land formations up close.

Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) is on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula. Not surprisingly, about ten minutes from Lover’s Beach is Divorce Beach – named so because of the rougher waters, strong undertow, and windy climate. This beach that faces the Sea of Cortez is not recommended for swimming.

If You Go To Playa del Amor

The best way to get to Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) is by boat, kayak, or water taxi. Boat rides average $10-$15, including tip. Stay away on days that the cruise ships are docked at the nearby marina. The beach gets very crowded, as many passengers descend on this lovely beach. Pack some drinks, snacks, and plenty of sunscreen. 

If you’re planning to swim or snorkel, Playa del Amor is your place, whether that aligns with your current relationship status or not. The water is so clear, and many boat services offer snorkel equipment for rent. Check out