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In this issue you will travel, mostly in luxury, to many places in this wide world. Allen Cox will take you to experience the wild luxury of British Columbia. Go with Aussie Graeme Kemlo small luxury cruising, exploring Australia’s Kimberley Gorges. Judith Glynn takes you to Portugal to learn about a favorite drink, ginja. And you will travel from Martinique to Scotland, from France to Central America, to Hawaii and beyond, while Barbara Ramsay Orr tells how you can discover luxury cuisine in your own “backyard.” I hope you enjoy the trip!

Cheers, John Lamkin, Executive Editor

Featured Articles

Best Smartphone App for Travelers: TripIt Pro

Great travel tools can make all the difference to a harried traveler. They can entertain you, ease the pain and even sort out some of the crucial organisational details as travel writer Trisha Miller found out when she reviewed the smartphone app TripIt Pro.

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Portugal’s Devotion to Ginja: A Cherry Liqueur Mainstay

“Com ou sem fruta?” is asked of all customers as euros slide across the tiny counters in exchange for a shot glass of ginja with or without fermented cherries inside.

At its inception centuries ago, ginja was used for digestive purposes. Eventually the sweet liqueur made its way to wealthy clients, then into fado establishments. Today the drink enjoys record popularity and is sold everywhere. Lisbon’s ginja bars open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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