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Android and iOS Applications to Ease Your Travel Experience

Planning a travel excursion, while very exciting, may sometimes be a bit overwhelming and darn right confusing. Now, if you’re at all like me, you’ve planned travel without relying on technology. However, I have recently learned, traveling without technological assistance is not the easiest or most efficient way to go. My “old school” thinking has been renewed to review applications that may assist with making travel life simpler.

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The Road Warrior’s Secret to Staying Connected Abroad

Anyone who travels frequently outside of their home country knows how expensive — not to mention challenging — it can be to stay connected while abroad. Free and reliable high-speed WiFi is not as ubiquitous as we’d like, roaming rates can be quite high, and buying SIM cards for multiple devices is both costly and cost-inefficient, lacking the ability to share data plans.

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Best Smartphone App for Travelers: TripIt Pro

Great travel tools can make all the difference to a harried traveler. They can entertain you, ease the pain and even sort out some of the crucial organisational details as travel writer Trisha Miller found out when she reviewed the smartphone app TripIt Pro.

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