Author: Susanna Starr

A Visit to the Greek Aegean Sea: We Explore Three Enchanting Islands

Haven’t we all heard about the beauty of the Greek Islands, the deep blues of the Aegean reflecting the blue of the sky? There are more islands than we can ever hope to visit, so choosing a few means a little bit of research. There’s lots of information about the larger, well known islands like Crete, Mykonos or Santorini , but investigating some of the others can be rewarding.

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Traveling the Belize Caribbean for Luxury: Victoria House and Chabil Mar Villas

For many years Belize has been a favorite destination of mine with its mountains and forests, and archeological sites of the ancient Maya. But some of the country includes Caribbean islands, such as Ambergris Caye, while the area of Placencia, a peninsula at the extreme end of Belize, feels like an island. Not yet “touristy”, both areas retain the authentic feeling of the indigenous people of the Caribbean islands with their lilting speech, their sparkling smiles, their upbeat music and their relaxed approach to life. As life seems to have become more accelerated for many of us, the allure...

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