Author: Linda Fasteson

Viva la Grischa!: Swiss Spirits and a little Romansch

  We were enjoying one of Switzerland’s great scenic train rides, The Glacier Express, when we passed by a mountain region and heard about the unique language spoken by less than 1% of the population. Switzerland, a country about twice the size of the state of Massachusetts, has four national languages. Since it is surrounded by Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, it is not surprising that German, French and Italian are the three official languages. But what about the fourth national language — Romansch? How did it come about and survive to this day? We decided to travel to...

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Salzburg, Austria: Half a Century Later Secrets from “The Sound of Music” Revealed

It is hard to believe that fifty years have passed since “The Sound of Music” premiered. This movie culminated in elements of suspense, showcased the talents of Julie Andrews, and dazzled us with the beauty of Salzburg. It was based on a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, included their music, and continues to capture people’s hearts.

Most of us know that the book on which the story is based, “The Story of The Trapp Family,” written by the real Maria von Trapp, depicts a far less romantic, glamorous and dramatic life than depicted in the film. Salzburg, however, is everything the movie showed it to be — and more.

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