Author: Kristin Henning

Maritime Canada: Seafood in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

The maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia lie on either side of the Bay of Fundy, the phenomenal home to the world’s greatest tidal extremes. While travel to both provinces undoubtedly involves seafood chowders and live lobster plucked from the bay, the culinary heritage of this northeastern zone encompasses much more.

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Acre Restaurant: Oasis in Baja’s San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo, 20 miles up the road from Cabo San Lucas on the southern edge of Baja California peninsula, is the more sophisticated sibling of the two towns. With its arts district, colonial architecture, and festive central plaza, it’s no wonder that Mexican transplants, an older demographic, and expats are adopting this place. The hotels along the beach are complemented by real locally-owned restaurants and accommodations. A sanctuary on the north side of town attracts birders, and the hills beyond that are welcoming new residents and businesses, like Acre Restaurant and Cocktail Bar.

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Breckenridge Distillery: Out of Thin Air and Snowmelt

During a recent phone call to the Breckenridge Distillery offices, the casual atmosphere of this business in Colorado’s prime ski territory came chiming through. An office dog barked, some background jokes interplayed with our conversation, and someone was, reportedly, exiting the property by backing his car around the entire building. It’s unclear if they were dodging snow or other vehicles, or just having a little fun. But the people at Breckenridge Distillery take their business and their spirits seriously. They demonstrate that success comes from a mixture of experimentation, patience, a little craziness and a lot of discipline. Maybe...

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