Author: Kathleen Walls

Cumberland Island: A Natural Treasure

Travel to Cumberland Island with travel writer Kathleen Walls where you’ll find sandy beaches, pristine wilderness, native wildlife and feral horses. But get in quick, she says, this pristine natural wonderland may not last forever.

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Jordan’s Food Mirrors Its History

The history of Jordan is inscribed in its cuisine.  As a country, Jordan is very new, dating to 1946. As a place with its own history and culture, Jordan existed since pre-biblical times. Some of its food dates back to prehistoric times while other dishes evolved through interaction with other cultures. Bread is the staff of life. Bronze Age Bedouin herdsmen made a simple bread called arbood or sometimes shrak.  While their goats grazed nearby on the sparse desert vegetation, the herdsmen mixed flour, water and a bit of salt, kneaded it into a firm ball, and flattened it. They would then...

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Chef Larry is Worth His Salt

There are so many great dining establishments in McAllen. Two favorites are owned by one award-winning chef, Larry Delgado and his wife, Jessica, Salt -New American Table and House Wine & Bistro.

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The Spirit of Louisiana

Not the most rum, just the best rum

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

“Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island he was thinking of the Caribbean islands but today, you can get a bottle of rum traveling down the bayou instead of the ocean. Louisiana Spirits in Lacassine, Louisiana produces Bayou Rum which they call “The Spirit of Louisiana.”

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