Author: Judith Glynn

Portugal’s Devotion to Ginja: A Cherry Liqueur Mainstay

“Com ou sem fruta?” is asked of all customers as euros slide across the tiny counters in exchange for a shot glass of ginja with or without fermented cherries inside.

At its inception centuries ago, ginja was used for digestive purposes. Eventually the sweet liqueur made its way to wealthy clients, then into fado establishments. Today the drink enjoys record popularity and is sold everywhere. Lisbon’s ginja bars open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Barrandov Studios – Famous Films Shot Here

Add “location” to the well-known “lights, camera, action” adage and the focus for the travel industry becomes film tourism. Many destinations know the allure this growing niche has for movie-lovers to walk in the footsteps of a favorite star or to stand in a location where world-class Hollywood and international filmmakers created a scene. A country putting more pizzazz into the film tourism push is Czech Republic with the hope locals and visitors will experience Prague and the rest of the country differently – as a film destination in addition to a beautiful place to visit. Recently, they linked...

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