Author: Jim DeLillo

Zipping Through Puerto Rico

There’s nothing between me and the ground nearly 800 feet below. The wind in my face awakens my spirit. I let out a whoop. I can barely hear myself above the whizzing and whirring of the cable and pulley just inches from my ear.
I feel a tug, not at my heart strings, but on the rope and blocking system that slows me down. It ends. Bravado has replaced my initial fear. I am now a veteran at zip lining.

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“No Pisco, No Disco.”

An associate on my trip to Patagonia was fond of the saying, “No Pisco, No Disco.” Every night we were served Pisco Sours before dinner. Every night I would hear that refrain. She had tried Pisco Sours at a club before the trip, and the revelers who introduced her to Chile’s national liquor introduced her, as well, to that phrase. Pisco is a brandy made from grape wine distilled into a high-proof spirit. It is considered the national drink of Chile (although Peru wants to lay some claim to that title). Chilean Pisco is from wine with grapes grown only in the...

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