Author: Jacqui Gibson

How to Master Food Photography

To some of us, snapping our supper is an addiction; a vital way to showcase what’s delicious in our world right now. But food photography isn’t always easy to get right. Travel writer Jacqui Gibson spoke to International Food Wine and Travel Writer Association photographer Jim DeLillo to find out how to master food photography.

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Tiong Bahru for Old-School Cool

Singapore’s popular Tiong Bahru district is one of those rare gems that’s become cooler than cool, while managing to keep a grip on its old-school charm. Small wonder it’s become a hipster haven, says New Zealand travel writer Jacqui Gibson.

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Brisbane: Where to Get your Craft Beer Fix

Ask the locals and they’ll tell you, as little as five years ago you would’ve struggled to find a craft beer in Brisbane. Times have definitely changed in Australia’s third largest city, says New Zealand-based travel writer Jacqui Gibson.

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Nisala Arana Review: Rustic Luxury in Sri Lanka

Nisala Arana offers top-notch boutique accommodation for those looking for a private, rustic getaway. It’s a sensory treat – whether it’s the slow-moving monitor lizard you spy cruising near a thicket or the evening call to prayer you’ll hear every evening at 5pm. As travel writer Jacqui Gibson finds there’s plenty to enjoy in this tucked-away oasis.

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8 Reasons to Walk New Zealand’s Hollyford Track

The Hollyford Track is one of the greatest guided walks in New Zealand. In three days, hikers go from the wilderness to the sea, traversing the Hollyford Valley by foot, jet boat and finally helicopter. New Zealand writer Jacqui Gibson walked the track. Here are eight reasons you should too.

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