Author: Jacqui Gibson

Ancestral Adventure in New Zealand

Join travel writer Jacqui Gibson as she walks the Hollyford Track in Fiordland, New Zealand, with a young man whose Māori relatives, New Zealand’s indigenous people, lived on the track hundreds of years ago.

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14 Best Long-Haul Travel Tips

Wondering how to survive that long-haul flight to Asia or Australasia? FWT Magazine put this curly question to 14 travel writers to come up with the best long-haul travel tips. Here’s what they told us.

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48 Hours in Downtown LA

The extraordinary buildings, its walkability and a history that takes in the city’s first-ever Spanish residents, as well as the best of old Hollywood. These things and more make Downtown Los Angeles a must-visit neighbourhood, says New Zealand travel writer Jacqui Gibson.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Travel: A Conversation with Teresa Bergen

On her blog, Veg Travel and Fitness, Oregon-based travel writer Teresa Bergen covers everything from vegetarian and vegan travel to soft adventure, nature, wellness, spirituality, culture and history. FWT Magazine catches up with Teresa to find out how she got started in vegetarian and vegan travel writing – and to get her top tips on the best places to visit for health-conscious travellers.

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Fitbit: Stay Fit and Healthy When Traveling

Not all of us want to totally unplug from technology when we travel. Especially those of us keen to sample the delicacies of our destination, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s where a Fitbit comes in handy. Here’s an outline what you should know when traveling with your Fitbit.

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Catherine Parker: Insider’s Guide to Mommy Blogging

According to some pundits, mommy bloggers are some of the most well-read, trusted bloggers around today. We talk to travel writer Catherine Parker about her foray into mommy blogging and why it can be a great source of advice and inspiration for families who love to travel.

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