Author: Hilarie Larson CSW,FWS

What’s So Cool About Yuma Arizona?

Tucked into the southwest corner of Arizona, Yuma has often been looked upon as a small, hot, dusty little burg that’s home to an onslaught of ‘snow birds’ each winter. While it’s true that many retirees flock there, they are only a small part of the increasingly diverse visitors that come in search of old west history, world-class recreation and delectable cuisine.

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Five Top Tips for Wine Tasting

If you’re a wine lover, there’s no greater thrill than visiting your favorite winery. Whether you’re on vacation or just escaping the old routine for an afternoon, here are some tips for getting the most out of your tasting room adventures from wine writer Hilarie Larson.

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Provence – Where Rosé Found its Roots

No other style of wine embodies springtime better than rosé. And although rosé is produced in many parts of the wine world, there is one place that stands out: Provence, France. For most people, Provence is lavender, sunshine, Brigitte Bardot, movie stars and yachts. But it’s also green hillsides, ancient Greek and Roman ruins, small fishing villages, winding roads through deep river gorges and vineyards. Lots of vineyards. This is where the rosé story really began and where it continues to evolve. Not only is Provence the largest producer of “pink” but it is also the benchmark to which...

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