Author: Christine Salins

Australia’s Sunny Coast: The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular playgrounds with sun, surf and a whole lot more, but most people, Aussies included, would be unaware that it previously had another name. Join travel writer Christine Salins as she discovers the history and highlights of this glorious stretch of Pacific Ocean coastline north of Brisbane.

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Canada: The bounty of an island table

Derrick Hoare has lived on Canada’s Prince Edward Island for 12 years and his love for it runs so deep that when he retired five years ago, he knew there was nowhere else he’d rather be. “I’m an islander by choice. I chose to live here because there’s a sense of community, a collective of folks putting together great things,” he said. Derrick is one of those people doing “great things”. In May this year, he opened The Table, a culinary studio showcasing the island’s bountiful produce. Derrick spent 35 years as a health care executive but he is...

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Austria: A Modern Approach To Ancient Tradition

Although Austria produces just a tiny fraction of the world’s wine, this picturesque European country deserves to be on the itinerary of any traveller who appreciates a good drop. An exciting crop of dynamic young winemakers are taking Austrian wines to a new level, attracting a growing and very enthusiastic following for their world-class wines. Their cellar doors are showing an increasing level of sophistication, many of them as noteworthy for their architecture and design as for the wines they are selling. Even the traditional and much-loved heuriger (wine taverns) are adopting new, contemporary styles, serving fine food to...

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What’s Cooking in Burgundy

We’re supposed to be making a sunflower-shaped pastry but mine is looking rather sad. I’ve got far too many petals, they’re facing the wrong way, and despite loads of encouragement and remedial action from our ever-patient host, my pastry is never going to look like a Van Gogh masterpiece.

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