Author: Andrew T. Der

Saint Lucia’s Water Wonderland

Exchanging glances with glowing sea creature eyes that only come out at night distracted me from the air bubbles rippling past my ears from the scuba tank regulator. Weightless and in the dark except for an underwater flashlight beam, I eagerly observed the annual floating confetti clouds of spawning coral egg packets floating upward like falling snow, just days after the first August full moon.

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Swimming with the Fish in Charm City

While air bubbles gently rippled past my ears from the scuba tank regulator, I exchanged glances with a curious eel. Wide-eyed children stared at me through the aquarium glass, reminding me I was still in the National Aquarium in Baltimore rather than the Caribbean. It’s not the Caribbean, but with its teeming sea life, the Aquarium is the next best thing for those who want a touch of the islands, even “under the sea.” I had watched Sea Hunt, which made Lloyd Bridges famous, on TV as a child (quick, do the math); back then diving equipment back then...

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